About mdsilo

★ What is mdsilo about?

It is about helping you build a private, extensible knowledge base and cultivate a personal journaling habit. This powerful stack equips you with the tools to capture, connect and explore your ideas in a secure and flexible environment.

- Personal Knowledge Base

Cultivate a personal knowledge base with daily journaling in a secure, encrypted space. Sharpen your mind as you connect ideas in different contexts with [[]] backlinks.

- Shared Knowledge Base

Some knowledge blossoms best when shared. such as book recommendations, historical timelines, or skill-building roadmaps. Collaborate on collective wisdom in wiki-style. Use {{ publinks to connect your personal knowledge base as a vibrant garden, not an isolated island.

Ready to spread your ideas further? Just Publish your thoughts blog-style and engage with a wider audience.

- Motivation Streak

Break down your goals into bite-sized “Streaks”, achievable tasks with rewarding milestones. This not only keeps you motivated but also instills the precious habit of daily writing.

Craft your personal knowledge graph by linking ideas with [[ backlinks and {{ publinks. The garden will spark new insights and cultivate your daily writing habit. We also offer a flexible and special pricing strategy, write more, pay less, even for free.

★ Do I need to pay for mdsilo service?

Yes, we provide a powerful writing tool and some features to help with your daily writing. We also provide encrypted storage to sync your writing so you can jot down any thought on any platform. It’s worth paying just $5.00 a month, but you can actually use it for free forever if you write every day. This is our pricing strategy to encourage people to practice the daily writing habit.

★ What is the pricing?

To start writing, you’ll need to purchase credits. Then you can use them to set up a writing journey, even can earn credits back along the way. There are three modes:

- Hard mode:

Just like any other paid service, you must pay to use it. In hard mode, you will not be able to earn back any credit, starting from $5 each month;

- Challenge mode:

In challenge mode, you can earn back your credit if you write every day in a row. You can set any credit amount that motivates you when you start a new streak. However, if you break your streak, you will lose all of the credit that you set in that streak;

- Sponsor mode:

Sponsor mode is a new way to sponsor people. You can set a credit reward and a streak length for someone as Assignee. If the assignee writes every day in the streak, the assignee will receive the reward. This can be a great way to motivate others to write regularly, or to support a friend or kid to build a daily writing habit.

★ Powerful and versatile writing tool

🔀 All-In-One Editor: Markdown, WYSIWYG, Mind Map
📝 Markdown and extensions: Math, Chemical Equation, Diagram, Hashtag…
🗄️ Build personal wiki with bidirectional wiki links
⌨️ Slash commands, Hotkeys and Hovering toolbar
🕸️ Graph view to visualize the networked writing
📅 Chronicle view and Daily activities graph
✔️ Task view to track task list

Try out the editor demo here. We also provide free web app and desktop app for local wirting.

★ FAQs

How can I get stared? Kickstart your writing journey with 15 free credits by connecting your account with Google or Github or Microsoft. Set up streaks, pledge daily writing commitments, and earn credits as rewards to fuel your motivation.
How to set up a streak? Set a streak by choosing a title that inspires you, a streak length(up to 30 days) that pushes you forward in the days ahead, and a credit amount that serves as your reward. Select from three motivating modes:

1, Hard Mode: The minimum credit is 5, and you cannot take it back. In other word, the credit will be deducted;

2, Challenge Mode: The minimum credit is 10, and you can earn it back if you write consistently. Set the credit amount that will motivate you most. If you break your promise, the credit is lost;

3, Sponsor Mode: The minimum credit is 100, and you need to assign a challenge recipient(just input the email or username to set `Assignee`). If the assignee maintains the streak, they receive the credit; otherwise, the credit is deducted from your account.

Once your credit reaches 0, you cannot set new streaks. Please replenish your credits to continue your writing journey.
What payment methods do you accept? We seamlessly integrate with Stripe to handle secure payments. Upon completing your transaction, the credits will be automatically added to your mdsilo account.
Can I get a reward more than the initial credit I set? Yes, it is possible. If anyone takes the challenge but fails to complete it, the credits will be divided among the winners who successfully completed the challenge. This operation will be run periodically.
Have more questions? Please join the Discord server or Send email. We appreciate any feedback or suggestion.