Cultivate Personal Knowledge Base

mdsilo is one-stop workbench to connect your ideas together, write more motivatedly and cultivate journaling habit.

Start writing online, Your data stored in encrypted space πŸ—„οΈ

πŸ“ Cultivate Personal Knowledge Base

Journaling in a secure, encrypted space, connect ideas in different contexts with backlinks.

🌐 Build Shared Knowledge Base

Build shared knowledges with others and connect the collective intelligence to your private personal knowledge base as a vibrant garden, not an isolated island.

➿ Motivation Streak

Break down your goals into bite-sized "streaks", practice the daily writing habit, and use Kanban to manage the knowledge base.

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Stack includes everything needed

Prefer to writing on my own device? Download free desktop app πŸŽ‰

πŸ“° Feed Reader and Podcast Client

Read the good reads, take back control of your information sources and filter out the noise, flow the fresh air to your digital garden.

πŸ”© Organize Writing in Context

Here is a powerful writing app with many tools to help organize your work and manage the process of knowledge growing: Kanban, WikiLink, HashTag, Graph View, etc.

🫢🏻 Export and share with others

You have full ownership over your writings. You can also contribute in building the shared knowledge base in wiki-style.